We fight for the eradication of hunger and poverty and rapid disaster relief for long-term development cooperation projects

Who we are?

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AL Resala Foundation is a local Syrian organization non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, dedicated to save lives and alleviate suffering by securing food security and livelihood, water, sanitation ,health care services, training and relief and development programs, to build local capacity in the communities that suffer from shortages and displaced people and the local population in Syria, with the flexibility to respond quickly to emergency needs.

Started in 2013 inside Syria and registered in Turkish law in the June 2015 by Syrians volunteers.

Our Mission

Al Resala Foundation dedicated to save lives and relieve suffering through livelihoods, food security, WASH, health care services, training, relief and development programs. Its mission improve the quality of life through livelihoods, food security, WASH and health interventions to build local capacity in underserved communities in Syria, IDPs and local populations, and with the flexibility to respond rapidly to emergency need.

Our Goal

- Enhanced protective environment through strengthening community capacities and coping mechanisms.
- Provision and improvement the Health and sanitation facilities.
- Improve the livelihood for the community.
- Improve the education in the IDPs camps /Refugees.

Our Vision

- A world in which all people can exercise their right to lead a self-determined life in dignity and justice, free from hunger and poverty.

Our Operational Areas

- Our operational area inside Syria are the rural area north of Aleppo in Azaz center, The northern rural of Homs ,the eastern areas of AlGhouta, and Aleppo city inside Syria.
- AL Resala Foundation takes care of orphan’s family in terms of food, accommodation, education and Kindergarten for Syrian refugees in addition to women training center in Kilis /Turkey.

Al Resala Camp

- Al Resala Camp is located in the northern countryside in Aleppo city, in the northeast of A'zaz center in the area near the Turkey border. Coordinates: 36°39'42.67"N, 37° 7'3.60"E.
- The total population in the three sectors of the camp (Alresala sector – Al Shamal sector – Armota sector) is 10,433 which is in total 1,869 HH.
- AL Resala Foundation cooperates with international humanitarian organization to secure all the needs for the beneficiaries in the camp in terms of lifesaving activities.

Meet the Team