Improve Situation By Assistance To Conflict - Affected IDPs In WASH Services In North West Idleb Camps In Syria

Providing and installing 32 Communal water storage tanks for drinking in Idleb camps

Construction 25 Bathroom and toilet units in Idleb camps

Construction 9 reinforced concrete septic tanks in Idleb camps

Providing and installing 25 solar power systems for lighting Bathroom/toilet units in Idleb camps

Providing 7664 Jerry Cans to Alresala Foundation warehouses in Idleb camps

Dislodging of the sewage from 9 septic tanks for 3 months from Idleb camps

Providing 1916 Hygiene Kits to Alresala Foundation warehouse in Darkosh Town

Running and cleaning toilet and bathrooms units for 3 months in Idleb Camps

Rent two vehicles for 6 months in Idleb

Solid waste management for 5 months in Idleb Camps

Providing daily water trucking 287 cubic meter for five months in Idleb camps

Construction sewer network system in Idleb camps


Providing water treatment services for 5 months in Idleb Camps

Al Resala Foundation 2019