Life-saving humanitarian WASH services provided to most vulnerable groups - Water and Sanitation services available for all the population - Increase resilience and livelihood opportunities and affected people's access to basic service.

Rehabilitation Al Resala camp by partnership contract with NRC

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RF signed a partnership agreement with The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) started in 15/3/2016 up to 31/07/2016 address the immediate.

needs of IDPs within the camp, in terms of construction rehabilitation in the camp, the phase was target only 500 family by construction 21 bathrooms and toilets block, 19 drinking water tanks each of them 6 m3, Sewage system, garbage tracking (3 m3 twice a day) and hygiene/sanitation kits For 500 families In RF Camp.

Providing drinking water project to Al Resala camp

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RF has signed contract partnership with HPF (OCHA) for implementation a project for supply drinking water to Al Resala camp by rehabilitation two boreholes in the camp, installing two submersible pumps, installing two generators for running the two submersible.

pumps, construction two metal rooms for the generators, installing pipes networks and its accessories for pumping the water from the boreholes to the camp, construction six concrete drinking water tanks, with 90m3 capacity for each one and providing chlorine and pool tester for pumped water for 1869 families In RF Camp. from 01/11/2016 up to 30/04/2017.

Providing drinking water by trucking to Alkennawi camp

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RF implements a project in Al kennawi camp which is drinking water trucking.

and this project is ongoing For 213 families in Al kennawi camp.

Renovation RF camps by fund from HF (OCHA)

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RF signed contract with HF (OCHA) started in 15/05/2017 up to 14/11/2017. The project location is in Al resala camp Azaz Northern Aleppo countryside and Alkennawi camp Jarablus Aleppo countryside

The project summary is construction 13 new bathroom and toilets units in the extension, rehabilitation 20 units of bathroom and toilets, construction of concrete rain draining channels, construction and rehabilitation of sewage pipes reinforced concrete manholes in extension and old, construction reinforced concrete septic tanks, garbage trucking collection(6m3 twice a day), providing and distribution sanitation kits, providing training for the IDPs committee, cleaning toilets and bathrooms units old and new one, sewage trucking from septic tanks and construction of fixed latrines in Alkennawi camp. The total beneficiaries number is 12274 individual.

Distribution Hygiene kits for new arrivals in RF camp by fund from WVI-T

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RF signed agreement with The World Vision International-Turkey (WVI-T) started in 15/05/2017 up to 30/05/2017 address the immediate needs of new arrivals IDPs within the RF camp, in terms of distribution of 250 hygiene kits, 500 jerry cans, and 12500 aqua tabs for new arrivals to RF camp in Azaz district Northern Aleppo countryside, the total beneficiaries number is 1237 individual.